Saturday, 9 July 2011

Old Charm Wood Bros Tudor Sideboard Cabinet

I like Saturday mornings, its a lazy morning for me before I set of to the 'Unit' to see whats turned up over the week. The 'boys' have been busy foraging auctions, flea markets and where ever else they go in search of antiques, collectibles and all manner of interesting things.
Old Charm Furniture Tudor Sideboard by Wood Bros.
It looks like I am even going to have to start a new blog to keep everything separate because these days the 'unit' is looking more like Aladdin's cave rather than a 'furniture' warehouse. They have been selling furniture for over 20 years locally and have a huge stock of old, antique,retro and interesting furniture, hence this blog.
Antique Brass Weighing Scales
However, since starting out selling online they have been finding some wonderful things that are simply to good to resist, just like these old brass scales.
Old Charm Tudor Furniture by Wood Bros.
Anyway, back to the task in hand and today I spent time taking some photo's of a piece of furniture that caught my eye as soon as I walked through the door. I guess you can't miss it because its huge and a fine example of 'Old Charm' period furniture if ever their was one.
Old Charm Furniture

The Old Charm Tudor sideboard is one of those pieces of furniture that requires a large dining room to look the 'part'. I had never heard of Old Charm furniture until now and what attracted me was the Tudor style with the heavy ornate handles and hinges.

Whilst inspecting the Old Charm sideboard I was amazed at the quality of the build, all solid oak and even the back, usually finished in a cheaper wood. Its beautifully crafted, not that you would be seeing much of the back but its always good sign of quality.
Old Charm Furniture

The Old Charm sideboard was manufactured by Wood Bros a furniture manufacturer which was started in 1924 when Herbert Wood.......
  • "Herbert Wood's dream was to produce a range of furniture which combined unique style with quality and practicality. But above all, the furniture had to be unaffected by time and fashion - furniture which would actually appreciate with age, both financially and aesthetically".
This Old Charm sideboard was probably built around the 70's although it could be later and the only fault it has, if you can call it that, is the top. Like a lot of old furniture its showing signs of use and age but the top has a blemish, some discolouration, looks a little like a 'burn' mark.
Old Charm Furniture

Its large enough to notice and the 'boys' have been considering restoring, stripping the surface in the workshop and so on, it can easily be done. However, if it were me I could easily live with the blemish and the minor signs of age and wear, especially at their current 'asking' price.
Old Charm Wood Bros Furniture
Thankfully, the 'blemish' on the Old Charm sideboard is central so could easily be disguised by placing a 'center peice', antique ornament, a vase or bowl suitable for the Old Charm Tudor style. It would have to be large though, not to disguise the blemish but more in keeping with the proportions of the Old Charm Tudor style sideboard.
Old Charm Tudor Furniture By Wood Bros
If you like this Old Charm Tudor style sideboard as much as I obviously do then go check it out if you would like to buy it. If you want to make the 'boys' your best offer then I am sure they will consider it because they need the room in the 'unit', I told you it was huge, they may even deliver it for free you only got to ask.
Old Charm Period Furniture
Below are some more images of the Old Charm furniture, its such a wonderful piece of old furniture to photograph that I spent most of the day 'snapping away, not a bad days work for a Saturday.
Old Charm Furniture

Old Charm Furniture

Old Charm Furniture

Old Charm Furniture

Old Charm Furniture

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