Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Vintage Retro 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet Industrial Polished Metal Furniture

Last month I stripped and polished a 4 drawer metal filing cabinet, its dirty work but the results are worth the effort. This filing cabinet has been stripped and polishes, apart from the back which has the original paint, I was thinking of painting this with black Hammerite paint although its not going to be seen.
I have finished this filing cabinet with a wax polish gives it a great patina, very 'industrial' but as its wax, its going to require re-waxing from time to time. Its not difficult to do and over time, each layer of wax adds to the overall look of the filing cabinet.
They can be sprayed with a laquer paint which is more durable and requires less attention but for me, its not as nice a finish, each to their own I guess. Maybe the next one I complete I will try out laquer although I did read somewhere that there's a good chance that the laquer can wear of or even start to peel if not done correctly.
This filing cabinet has had a couple of knocks and bumps, nothing too serious, the drawers are still functional. The one is on the side although if this side is placed against a wall then its not going to be noticeable. The other is on one of the drawer fronts and the 'back' plate shows through a little.
For me, it adds character and considering its age, the filing cabinet must be getting on for 30 years old if not older, its in a good condition for its age. Saying that, these old filing cabinets are very robust and not much can go wrong with them, ideal for storage in a workshop or even the home.
They do make a great 'statement' piece in the home and placed in the right spot they will attract attention. The drawers on this one are not the deep type for hanging files on, the sides are shallow and each drawer is divided into sections.
The starting price for this filing cabinet is very reasonable in my opinion and a bargain especially if you can pick it up in person. I can arrange delivery and have a great courier who can deliver to the UK Mainland at very reasonable rates, down to London from £35.00 and they will even assist with positioning the filing cabinet within the home or workshop.
Although I always accept returns if you are not pleased with your purchase, especially if not as described (sometimes happens although I always supply plenty of good photo's and accurate descriptions) so please only bid on this filing cabinet once you have viewed all photo's.

If still unsure then by all means send me an email or message through Ebay and I will be happy to answer all questions. I am online most of the times these day unless in the workshop restoring or up-cycling more 'pre-loved' (secondhand although 'pre-loved furniture' sounds much nicer) furniture.

If you have never considered buying 'pre-loved' furniture then its worth checking out because there are some great things out there. Far cheaper than new, much better than 'flat pack' and the quality is second to none, plus a good investment for some pieces because the value will not go down and looking at the market, they are rising all the time especially the Dutch retro furniture.
Anyways, good luck with the bidding if you decide to buy this filing cabinet. To learn more please visit my ebay shop -Virtually Sold
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