Wednesday, 25 May 2011

G Plan E Gomme Chest of Drawers Retro 1950's Furniture

The G-plan range of furniture was produced by E. Gomme Ltd High Wycombe, designed by Donald Gomme the furniture is now becoming very collectible. I like the style and design its very 50's and is fast coming back into fashion.
Gplan furniture is still easily found, Gplan Furniture on Ebay, ideal for the home, its well made and one of my favourite styles of "retro furniture". When buying G-plan furniture look out for the logo, its usually stamped inside.
The g plan furniture to look out for are the side cupboards and dressers, these are still affordable but the prices are going up all the time. Compared to new furniture, they are still good value for money and will probably outlast most simply because they are so well constructed.

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