Sunday, 27 November 2011

Shabby Chic Small Table

This little table was an ideal piece of furniture to "shabby chic", small and a nice easy project although sanding is a little more time consuming.
Although my Makita sander tackled most of the work, it was a little to big to get into all the "nooks and crannies", so had to be sanded by hand.
The small table once sanded was ready for undercoating and a couple of coats were applied, sanding in between each coat. You can "get away" with undercoating especially with "breathable" paint like Farrow & Ball but I prefer to start of using a good undercoat base.
Not only will undercoating ensure a good base to start from, it also adds to the "shabby chic" look. I have been very tempted to paint in various colours and allow some to show through, I have seen some great looking piece of furniture in this style.
Have to finish the Welshdresser I am working on first though!
The shabby chic table was then painted with a very good paint, similar to Farrow & Ball and just as good. For a free colour chart please email me.
Once a couple of coats had been applied, sanding in between, then next was to apply a wax finish. I use Liberon wax and very pleased with the results, a great little table in my opinion, very ornate.
The shabby chic table would look good along side with the shabby chic rocking chair or ideal for a potted plant maybe in the hallway or conservatory.
The Shabby Chic table measures 15" inches high and the top measures 10" inches by 8 1/2" inches.

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